Angrand: The Seine at Dawn

Charles Angrand: The Seine at Dawn – 1889 Geneva, Musée du Petit Palais Angrand’s preference was for rural subject matter inspired by time spent away from Paris in his native Normandy – a passion shared with Camille Pissarro, who had […]

Signac: Cap Lombard, Cassis

Paul Signac: Cap Lombard, Cassis – 1889 Gemeentemuseum, Den Haag In late March 1889 Signac left Paris for the south of France, stopping at Arles to visit van Gogh in hospital, and continuing to Cassis near Marseilles. From Cassis Signac […]


1889 Neo-Impressionism January:    February: March: 23rd: Paul Signac visits Vincent van Gogh in Arles hospital and accompanies him to the Yellow House “to see his pictures, many of which are very good and all of which are very curious”. […]

Finch: Haystacks

Alfred William Finch: Haystacks – 1889 Museum of Ixelles, Brussels The repeated, almost abstract outlines, of haystacks and neighbouring farm buildings are the only relief from the oppressive flatness of the landscape. Finch’s restricted palette of grey-blue, light blue and […]