Dubois–Pillet: Banks of the Marne at Dawn

Albert Dubois-Pillet: The Banks of the Marne at Dawn – 1888 Los Angeles, J. Paul Getty Museum Albert Dubois-Pillet developed his own theoretical underpinning for his divisionist paintings – a slightly different interpretation than most of his colleagues who did […]

Seurat: Poseuses (the Models)

Georges Seurat: Poseuses (The Models) – 1886-1888 Philadelphia, The Barnes Foundation The left half of this painting is taken up with a substantial portion of A Sunday on the island of the Grand Jatte, so we are looking at a […]

Seurat: Parade de cirque (Circus Sideshow)

Georges Seurat: Parade de cirque (Circus Sideshow) – 1887-1888 Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York The Parade de Cirque was a taster designed to whet the appetite of passers by and persuade them to part with their entrance fee in […]

van Gogh: The Sower

Vincent van Gogh: The Sower – 1888 Kröller-Müller Museum, Otterlo Van Gogh produced several versions of The Sower, a motif derived from his admiration for the work of the Barbizon painter Jean-François Millet who presents his subject with gritty realism […]

Camille Pissarro: Apple Harvest

Camille Pissarro: Apple Harvest – 1888 Dallas Museum of Art, USA On a sunny autumn day four labourers are engaged in bringing in the apple harvest – their attention focused on a lone tree set on a hill. As the […]