Seurat: Young Woman Powdering Herself

Georges Seurat: Young Woman Powdering Herself – 1889-90 London, Courtauld Institute Galleries First Exhibited at the Salon des Independants 1890 along with Le Chahut, Young Woman Powdering Herself was almost ignored by the critics who were much more interested in […]

Cross: Madame Hector France

Henri Edmond Cross: Madame Hector France – 1891  Paris, Musée d’Orsay This portrait of his future wife was Cross’s first foray into painting in the Neo-Impressionist style. He had been a founding member of the Société des Artists Indépendants and […]

Signac: Cap Lombard, Cassis

Paul Signac: Cap Lombard, Cassis – 1889 Gemeentemuseum, Den Haag In late March 1889 Signac left Paris for the south of France, stopping at Arles to visit van Gogh in hospital, and continuing to Cassis near Marseilles. From Cassis Signac […]

Applying Science to Art

Applying Science to Art “Some say they see poetry in my paintings, I see only science” — Seurat By the late 1870’s Georges Seurat had read Grammaire des arts du dessin (1867) by Charles Blanc in which Blanc describes the process he called ‘optical […]

Neo-Impressionism: A Definition

Neo-Impressionism: A Definition The term Neo-impressionism describes an art movement, led by Georges Seurat until his tragically early death in 1891 and then by Paul Signac. It was a reaction against the spontaneity of Impressionism and espoused instead theoretical and scientific ideas about colour theory, […]

Van Gogh: Self Portrait (1887)

Vincent van Gogh: Self Portrait – 1887 Art Institute of Chicago Vincent van Gogh painted forty self portraits during the remarkably short period that he pursued his passion for painting. Twenty four were painted during his two year stay in […]

Cross: The Beach at Cabasson

Henri Edmond Cross: The Beach at Cabasson – 1892  Art Institute of Chicago In 1891 Cross moved from Paris to the Côte d’Azur. He suffered from rheumatoid arthritis and hoped that the warmer climes of the south would ameliorate his […]

van Ryseberghe: Big Clouds

Théo van Rysselberghe: Big Clouds – 1893 Indianapolis Museum of Art, USA With a restricted palette made up mainly of blue-violet and yellow (a combination following Neo-Impressionist colour theory) van Rysselberghe constructs a stunningly beautiful and very simple composition with the […]

Dubois–Pillet: Banks of the Marne at Dawn

Albert Dubois-Pillet: The Banks of the Marne at Dawn – 1888 Los Angeles, J. Paul Getty Museum Albert Dubois-Pillet developed his own theoretical underpinning for his divisionist paintings – a slightly different interpretation than most of his colleagues who did […]

Alphonse Allais

Alphonse Allais Alphonse Allais was a poet, a humorist and the editor of the Chat Noir, a satirical magazine. He commissioned his friend Félix Fénéon to write a diary commenting on the avant-garde art scene for the Chat Noir. At […]