January: Signac is in Brussels for the opening of the Salon des XX.

A number of van Gogh’s paintings from Arles are exhibited at Les XX in Brussels. One of these painting, Red Vinyard is sold to a Vigntiste, Anna Boch (the sister of his friend Eugène Boch) for 400 Belgian francs. It was the only sale made in his lifetime.

February: Seurat’s mistress Madeleine Knobloch gives birth to his child. Very few of his friends are aware of the event.

March: Signac exhibits Sunday at the sixth Salon des Indèpendants. Alfred William Finch also exhibits.

Neo-Impressionist Paintings

In July, before Noon (Family in the Garden): Théo van Rysselberghe
Morning, Interior: Maximilien Luce
Portrait of Félix Fénéon: Paul Signac

Other Events

Kaiser Wilhelm II forces Otto von Bismarck to resign as Chancellor of Germany. He had clashed with the new Kaiser over social policy.

Cecil Rhodes becomes prime minister of Cape Colony.

The first elections are held in Japan but the electorate is limited to 1.1 percent of the population – males over 25 who pay tax at a certain rate.

The massacre of Lakota men, women and children at Wounded Knee at the hands of the US 7th Cavalry effectively ends Native American resistance to further ‘white’ settlement.