Lemmen: Factories on the Thames – 1892

Georges Lemmen: Factories on the Thames – c1892 Kröller Müller Museum, Otterlo, Netherlands Many European artists came to London in the late 19th and early Twentieth centuries, in part attracted to the atmospheric conditions which prevailed at the time. The […]

Signac: Plane Trees, Place des Lices

Paul Signac: Plane Trees, Place Des Lices, Saint-Tropez – 1893 Carnegie Museum, Pittsburgh In late March 1892 Signac, accompanied by his partner Berthe Roblès set sail from western Brittany in his eleven metre yacht, Olympia, bound for the south. At […]

Signac: Sardine Fishing, Concarneau, Opus 221

Paul Signac: Sardine Fishing, Concarneau (Opus 221) Adagio – 1891 Museum of Modern Art, New York Paul Signac spent much of May 1891 at the Breton port of Roscoff where his new 11 metre yacht was being built. In August […]

Signac: Hillside, Les Andelys

Paul Signac: Hillside, Les Andelys – 1886 Art Institute of Chicago Shortly after completing his first Neo-Impressionist paintings of suburban subjects on the outskirts of Paris, Signac decided to base himself during June and July 1886 in the village of […]

Lemmen: The Two Sisters or The Serruys Sisters – 1894

Georges Lemmen: The Two Sisters or The Serruys Sisters – 1894 Indianapolis Museum of Art The Serruys family lived in the Belgian town of Menin (now forever associated with the Great War). Edmond Serruys was a wealthy textile mill owner. […]

Seurat’s Drawings

Seurat’s Drawings Seurat had already acquired precocious skill in drawing by 1877-8 – his copies of work by Raphael, Poussin and Holbein are notable for their remarkable exactitude.  Later, progressing to his mature style, he worked with conté crayon and […]


Tenebrism The term derives from the Italian (and also Spanish) word for ‘dark’ – tenebroso. It is associated most strongly with the paintings of Caravaggio and his followers, and later, Rembrandt and other painters of the Dutch golden century. It […]

Angrand: The Seine at Dawn

Charles Angrand: The Seine at Dawn – 1889 Geneva, Musée du Petit Palais Angrand’s preference was for rural subject matter inspired by time spent away from Paris in his native Normandy – a passion shared with Camille Pissarro, who had […]

Seurat: Chahut

Georges Seurat: Le Chahut – 1890 Otterlo, Netherlands, Kröller-Müller Museum This painting was inspired by visits to a cabaret, La Divan Japonais and might be considered as complementary to Parade du Cirque of 1888,  illustrating Seurat’s interest in places of […]


Japonisme A French term coined by the French critic Philippe Burty in 1872 to describe the influence of Japanese art and aesthetics on French and later Western art during the latter half of the nineteenth century. There has been much […]